14:15 / 29.06.2019
The University of Law (UK) to establish a branch in Uzbekistan

Within the framework of Uzbekistan delegation’s working visit to the UK, the Justice Minister of the country Ruslan Davletov held negotiations with representatives of the University of Law to discuss issues of establishing the university branch in Uzbekistan.

University of Law is a not-for-profit private university in the United Kingdom that provides law degrees, special legal training and advanced training courses for British lawyers and jurists.

During the talks, ULaw Rector Andrea Nollent presented a plan for a cooperation project on organizing the activities of the university’s branch in Uzbekistan. In particular, he spoke about the rights and obligations of the parties in the course of the project, identified implementation stages, training programs, and discussed issues of financial support.

The project envisages training of students in the framework of business management programs, LLB with elements of Uzbek law and LLB in International Trade Law.

Following the discussions, the parties concluded a memorandum of understanding on the organization of a new international university (branch of a foreign university) in Tashkent in the areas of “Law” and “Business”.

Within the framework of the memorandum, continuous development programs for practicing legal personnel will also be implemented.

To achieve the objectives of the memorandum, the parties agreed to develop a plan of practical actions (“Road Map”) for the project implementation.