21:45 / 29.07.2019
Chief policeman of Kasbi district, who handcuffed farmers, fired

Chori Kucharov, head of the Kasbi police department in the Kashkadarya region, who handcuffed farmers and locked them in a bus, has been dismissed, the press service of the Interior Ministry reported. 

“A few days ago, the Kashkadarya regional police department completed an internal investigation against the head of the Kasbi police department Chori Kucharov. According to the results of the studies, he has been relieved of his post,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs said in a statement.

It should be recalled that the other day, social networks reported that the head of the Kasbi police department in the Kashkadarya region Chori Kucharov, during a seminar held under his leadership, kept more than ten local farmers and irrigators in a stuffy bus for more than two hours.

During the conversation with one of the farmers, it became known that the head and officers of the internal affairs department constantly put pressure on local farmers.

“On August 11, 2018, I was working on the field. I had my own gazebo there. Then the khokim came and called me. He told me to remake my gazebo. I said “alright, we will do”. Then a person, who was standing next to the khokim, rudely noted that I should have said, “I will do it, not we will”. Then I found out that he was the head of the district police department. I complained about his rudeness. A service check was appointed against him. After that, he regularly tries to trouble me,” the farmer said.

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