20:47 / 12.08.2019
Lands plots in socio-economically less developed districts, cities to be withdrawn for public and state needs
Photo: Depositphotos

Relevant amendments are provided for by the Cabinet of Ministers resolution of August 9, 2019, Norma reports.

It should be recalled that in May of this year, the “Roadmap” was adopted to further improve investment activities in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Among other things, it contains instructions to simplify the allocation of land plots, especially in districts and cities lagging behind in socio-economic development, and to provide further incentives for investors to implement investment projects there.

In accordance with the government decision, if a district or city lag behind in socio-economic development, their land will be withdrawn for state and public needs. That is, first of all, for the construction of socially significant facilities.

Such districts and cities will be determined by the Ministry of Economy and Industry in agreement with the Cabinet of Ministers.