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12:37 / 15.08.2019 93

“Toshshahartranskhizmat”: Increasing the fare for public transport was a necessary measure

Photo: KUN.UZ

The head of the press service of “Toshshahartranskhizmat” Ravshan Yakubjanov said that the company itself does not set fares for public transport.

At the same time, he noted that the increase in the fare was a necessary measure.

“Despite the various economic processes taking place over the course of last three years, road tariffs have not changed. But the increase in prices for spare parts in demand and fuel leads us to raise the tariff. We cooperate in this direction with the Ministry of Transport, but only the Ministry of Finance can set prices,” said Yakubjanov.

According to him, “Toshshahartranskhizmat” was created with the aim of transporting passengers at affordable prices to their destination. “We do not aim to make a profit, for us the main thing is the social protection of the passenger,” Yakubjanov stated.

It should be noted that from August 15 this year, public transport fares (buses and metro) will increase by 200 soums and amount to 1,400 soums. The cost of travel cards will not change. The last time the tariff changed in April 2016.