14:15 / 16.10.2019
Murder committed at a shopping center in Margilan

On October 15 this year, at about 10:00 in the morning, at the Oygul shopping center, located in the city of Margilan, Fergana region, citizen S. T. (born in 1999) quarreled with his acquaintance Kh. M. (born in 1995), who was with three more friends, the head of the public relations and legal information department of the Prosecutor General’s Office Khayot Shamsutdinov reported about this.

A brawl occurred, during which S. T. stabbed Kh. M. in the chest with a table knife, which he used to carry with him. As a result of the wound inflicted, Kh. M. died on the spot. 

On this fact, the prosecutor’s office of Margilan initiated a criminal case against S. T. under Part 1, Article 97 (Intentional killing) of the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan.

Citizen S. T. detained in accordance with the procedural order. An investigation is underway.

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