21:05 / 24.10.2019
Where do citizens of Uzbekistan migrate most?

In January-September 2019, 10,472 citizens of Uzbekistan moved to live in other countries, most of all - to Kazakhstan (57.4%), Russia (37.3%), the USA (0.9%) and Israel (0.8%). Other countries account for the remaining 3.6%, the State Statistics Committee writes.

Photo: Fotolia / NicoElNino

During the same period, 1,971 people came to live in the country. Most of them are from Kazakhstan (31.1%), Tajikistan (23.1%), Russia (22.8%) and Kyrgyzstan (13.3%). Other countries account for the remaining 9.7%.

Most of all, 2,898 people left the Republic of Karakalpakstan to other countries, followed by the city of Tashkent (2,417 people) and the Tashkent region (2,393 people). 

Most of the other countries move to the Tashkent region (631 people), the Tashkent city (464 people) and the Fergana region (321 people).

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