BUSINESS | 16:27 / 24.12.2019
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Average amount of remittances sent by labor migrants from Russia to Uzbekistan announced

Photo: TASS

Labor migrants from Uzbekistan, who work in Russia, on average, send $418 to their homeland.

According to the FinExpertiza study, migrants, on average, send $195 to Tajikistan, $182 – to Ukraine, $1,920 – to China and $536 – to Kyrgyzstan.

At the same time, the average amount that migrant workers send to their homeland through payment systems amounted to $422 in the first three quarters of 2019. 

While migrants send an average of $377 to CIS countries, they send much larger amounts to far abroad (for example, Vietnam, Turkey, Israel), the average transfer is $775.

The document notes that over the past three years, the average amount of transfers from Russia to the CIS has remained stable. However, the average amount of transfers to non-CIS countries declined by 20%.

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