01:15 / 01.01.2020
Shavkat Mirziyoyev congratulates people of Uzbekistan on New Year
Photo: President.uz

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev congratulated the people of Uzbekistan on New Year.

Dear compatriots!

In these joyful moments, I sincerely congratulate you all with the upcoming New Year! I wish you good health and family happiness!

The outgoing year will stay in our memories with bright events, as well as some difficulties and struggles.

Thanks to the dedicated work of our people in the Year of Active Investment and Social Development, we have achieved significant results.

New steps have been taken towards increasing the potential and competitiveness of our country. Leading spheres and branches of the national economy are developing dynamically. Modern enterprises based on high technologies, as well as new transport and communication networks, are being commissioned.

There are great opportunities for the development of small business and private entrepreneurship.

New jobs are being created, especially for youth and women.

In the course of implementing state programs, the image of our cities and villages, the whole country as a whole, is being transformed.

A new stage has begun in the development of the field of science, education and upbringing. Many kindergartens are being built, new universities, branches of leading foreign higher education institutions, healthcare, culture and sports associationsare opening.

Most importantly, the standard of living of our citizens is improving, their sense of belonging to the Motherland, and confidence in tomorrow is growing.

In the life of our society, the principles of democracy and openness are increasingly being ensured, and the process of liberalization of all areas is deepening.

This was vividly confirmed by the elections held recently to the Senate of Oliy Majlis and local councils. They proved once again that Uzbekistan will not step back from the path of democratic development.

The defense capability of the country’s Armed Forces is being strengthened.

The authority of our state, which pursues a peaceful and constructive foreign policy, is growing in the international arena.

In short, 2019 will leave a bright mark in the history of new Uzbekistan.

Dear compatriots!

We are entering an important stage in our development - the stage of national progress.

In 2020, we will continue to actively pursue large-scale socio-economic reforms.

Particular attention will be paid to creating even more favorable conditions for private ownership, development of entrepreneurship and business environment, as well as creation of new jobs.

The focus will be on issues of increasing salaries, pensions, scholarships and allowances, real incomes of the population.

We will expand the scope of the work we have begun to improve the living conditions of people, the quality of public and domestic services, and the construction of affordable housing.

We will direct all our strengths and opportunities to give the young generation a decent education and upbringing, to contribute to the realization of their skills and talents.

Improving the health of the population and establishing a healthy lifestyle in society will rise to a new level.

We will further strengthen the attention and care for our esteemed veterans and dear women.

Of primary importance will be issues of social protection, especially those who need help and support.

Our main task will remain to strengthen in the country peace and stability, interethnic harmony and mutual understanding.

We will expand comprehensive cooperation with the world community, primarily with neighboring states.

Dear compatriots!

May there will be peace, happiness and prosperity in every family, in the whole country in 2020!

May all our good dreams and hopes come true!

May Uzbekistan prosper!

Happy New Year, dear friends!

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