22:12 / 08.02.2020
Uzbekistan to conduct an experiment on management of apartment buildings

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution on conducting a legal experiment in some regions to test the norms of the law “On the management of apartment buildings”.

According to the document, determining the effectiveness of the norms of the law and procedures for managing apartment buildings is one of the main tasks of the legal experiment.

The document says that in the departments of housing and communal services of the Yakkasaray district of Tashkent, the cities of Jizzakh and Margilan, advisory centers on the management of apartment buildings are being created.

According to the temporary regulation approved by the decree, the management of an apartment building is determined at a general meeting of owners of residential and non-residential buildings.

The management of an apartment building may be carried out:

- directly by owners of the premises;

- on the basis of an agreement with a managing organization that is a legal entity, managing director or an individual;

- by a non-profit organization that is a partnership of homeowners.

During the legal experiment, the contest “Best manager” will be organized, the experience of the best manager will be widely covered in the media.

In addition, the resolution approved the composition of the republican and regional working groups for conducting a legal experiment.

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