17:11 / 15.02.2020
American ETS to help MPE create an independent student and teacher knowledge assessment system

The Ministry of Public Education (MPE) of Uzbekistan and the American ETS are considering the possibility of cooperation to create an independent system for assessing the knowledge of students and teachers.

Photo: MPE

On February 13, the Minister of Public Education Sherzod Shermatov received an ETS delegation, which included Gerben Van Lent, Executive Director for Strategy and Development of ETS Global, and Anna Gutkovska- Zając, Regional Director of ETS Global.

During the meeting, the parties discussed promising areas of cooperation between MPE and ETS. In particular, questions of possible participation of the American side in the project to create an independent system for assessing the knowledge of students and teachers were examined.

It should be noted that in his address to the Oliy Majlis, Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted that a system of progressive remuneration for teachers with great pedagogical skills and relevant qualifications, who achieved specific results in their activities, will be introduced in Uzbekistan.

To assess the qualifications of teachers, a system for attestation of teachers will be created with the establishment of a special independent system for assessing knowledge.

The MPE of Uzbekistan is working on the issue of attracting a foreign partner in this project to study best practices and create a transparent mechanism for assessing the knowledge and qualifications of teachers and students.

Sherzod Shermatov during the talks noted that in Uzbekistan there are still no mechanisms for assessing the knowledge of teachers and students, as well as the quality of education. The creation of a new system is the first step in the formation of such a mechanism and will allow an objective assessment of the quality of education in schools, as well as take the necessary measures to eliminate existing shortcomings.

He added that highly qualified teachers should earn a little more than the rest of their colleagues. In his opinion, the new system will allow motivating teachers to constantly work on themselves and improve their knowledge and pedagogical skills.

The American side emphasized that the ETS has experience in setting up such centers and conducting exams to assess teacher competencies. 

During the meeting, the parties discussed collaboration formats, as well as the next steps to establish cooperation and create a system for assessing the knowledge of students and teachers.

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