09:00 / 21.02.2020
People propose to abolish the need to study at a driving school to obtain a driver’s license

A proposal has been made to abolish the obligation to study at driving schools in order to obtain a driver’s license.

Photo: ural-meridian.ru

On the collective reference portal “My opinion”, a petition on the abolition of the obligation to study at a driving school to obtain a driver’s license has been posted.

“What is the purpose of studying at driving schools? Learning the traffic rules, isn’t it? I believe one can do it independently. Learning to drive? This can also be learned from relatives or friends. Schools are currently asking for 2-3 million soums for their services. If the goal is to pay, then this money can be given to our own relative. Anyway, you won’t get a driving license unless you pass the exam at the traffic department,” the petitioner writes.

“I am not a supporter of terminating the activities of driving schools, but I propose that study should be voluntary there, and those who do not study at a driving school should also be allowed to take exams at the traffic department.

Approval of this proposal by the relevant competent authorities will contribute to the prosperity of our society,” the petition says.

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