14:04 / 28.01.2023

Citizens allowed to replace their old-model driver’s license online from Jan 30 

In this case, it is possible to apply for a new license through the website my.gov.uz. A new license will be delivered to the specified address.

Now it is not necessary to go to the Public Service Centers and the DIA, take pictures, sign several documents. The postal service will deliver the updated certificate to the customer’s home.

To replace the license with a new one online, an order is made through my.gov.uz in the following order:

•  empty lines are filled with your personal information;
•  relevant items are selected;
•  the address where the new driver’s license will be delivered is indicated;
•  a personal signature is made via a mobile phone or computer;
•  in the last step, an invoice is generated and a payment of 70%t of BCA (210,000 soums) and 25,000 soums for postal service is made.

The employee of the center, after reviewing the received order, submits the printed new model driver’s license to the postal service. The postal service visits the address in two working days, collects the old driver’s license and reference from the customer and presents the new one.

And the postal service will hand over the old-model driver’s license and pass to the Public Service Center.

The mandatory replacement period for all old-model driver’s licenses and motor vehicle registration certificates is as follows:

- licenses issued before 2010 – until March 31, 2023;
- issued in 2010-2012 – until June 30, 2023;
- issued in 2013-2015 – until September 30, 2023;
- issued after 2015 – until December 31, 2023.

Licenses not replaced by this period are considered invalid.