18:49 / 21.02.2020
The safest countries for tourists in 2020 announced. Uzbekistan safest among CIS states

The 2020 ranking of the safest and most dangerous countries for tourists has been published. Uzbekistan is ranked 46th among 180 countries.

Switzerland has been recognized as the safest country for tourists in 2020, according to a ranking compiled by the Insurly website, which compares travel insurance in different countries.

The methodology includes an assessment of the frequency of natural disasters in a particular state, the quality of the healthcare system, the crime rates and threats of terrorists, and the level of transportation risks.

In total, 180 countries were involved in the ranking. Switzerland got 93.4 points out of 100.

Singapore has been ranked second with 92.7 points, closely followed by Norway (91.1).

Luxembourg, Cyprus, Iceland, Denmark, Portugal, Finland and Japan are among the TOP-10 in the ranking.

The last three places in the ranking were occupied by the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

It should be noted that Uzbekistan ranks 46th in the ranking with 73.3 points. Insurers rated Uzbekistan’s healthcare system at 81 points, transport risk at 67 points, natural disaster risk at 25 points, violence at 79 points, and terrorist attack risk at 0 points.

It is worth noting that Uzbekistan showed the best result among the CIS countries. The following places were taken by Belarus (48th place), Azerbaijan (52nd), Turkmenistan (60th), Moldova (66th), Georgia (68th), Kazakhstan (71st), Armenia (72nd), Ukraine (83rd), Russia (86th), Tajikistan (93rd), Kyrgyzstan (106th).

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