20:38 / 03.04.2020
“We are not taking the situation seriously” - Nurmat Otabekov

The head of the State Inspectorate for Sanitary and Epidemiological Control, the Chief Sanitary Inspector Nurmat Otabekov spoke about the situation in the country developed because of the coronavirus. 

Photo: KUN.UZ

“Apparently, we have not fully realized the fact that the situation is exacerbating. Still, there have been cases of non-compliance with quarantine rules, the recommendations of health workers, people go out into the street without any need. Please note that all media posts information, videos only about coronavirus. What we should do to prevent the spread of coronavirus is repeated over and over again not only by doctors but also by other experts,” he said.

In his opinion, after such propaganda, people should have memorized the clinical signs of the disease, methods of protection against it. But still, there are people who, despite the obvious clinical signs of the disease, are careless about their health, stay at home for a long time and go to the hospital only after the condition worsens.

“The other day, a patient came to the Research Institute of Epidemiology, Microbiology and Infectious diseases. Immediately after he was hospitalized, he needed an artificial respiration apparatus. His condition is extremely serious. A reasonable question arises: what caused the patient to be inattentive and not to contact health workers when clinical signs of the disease appeared? He put in danger the health of those around him, his relatives, family and the whole public. Did he not understand this? But it’s not too late. Let’s follow the recommendations of doctors and representatives of internal affairs bodies, the National Guard, the media,” said Nurmat Otabekov.

He reminded that the first case of infection in the country was recorded on March 15, and noted that in just 17 days the number of infected people had already reached 221.

“The situation requires all of us to be vigilant. We have no right to take risks. No need to spread the disease and complicate the situation in the country! Everyone must remember this! Please pass these words to your family and friends. If the situation gets complicated, it will be too late,” he said.

Nurmat Otabekov said that more than 400 people can become infected from only one patient.

“Now imagine what could happen if those 221 patients were not isolated on time. Be careful and act wisely,” he concluded.