20:21 / 18.04.2020
Diplomas obtained under distance learning in foreign universities may be recognized in Uzbekistan

Could the organization of distance learning during the quarantine period lead to the subsequent recognition of distance learning documents obtained abroad in Uzbekistan?

Photo: Getty Images

Feruza Madrahimova, press secretary of the State Inspection for Supervision of Quality in Education, answered this question at a briefing on April 17, Kun.uz correspondent reports.

“The new version of the law “On education” has been prepared and is currently being discussed by committees in the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis. The new bill introduces the item “distance education”.

In addition, the state program for 2020 also envisages the organization of distance learning programs in 4 higher education institutions of the country from the beginning of the new academic year,” Feruza Madrahimova said.

According to her, after the adoption of the law in a new edition and other relevant legal documents, Uzbekistan will have a regulatory framework for distance education. As a result, the documents obtained through distance learning will be recognized in the prescribed manner, as it is a form of education that exists in practice in the country.