23:23 / 02.05.2020
Uzbekistan will introduce differential electricity tariffs from 2022

The Government of Uzbekistan has approved the introduction of differentiated tariffs for electrical energy from 2022. The population will pay for electricity depending on the time of the day they use it.

Photo: electric-house.ru

The Ministry of Energy has previously stated that the system of ‘smart’ meters (ASCMA) introduced in Uzbekistan allows the use of differentiated tariffs on electricity, but before that, it is necessary to provide all consumers with a stable energy supply.

According to the concept approved by the government on providing the population with electrical energy, an independent regulator of the energy market will be established during 2020-2021. It will be a financially independent body outside the government, which will regulate, give licenses and control the electricity and natural gas market. It will also be responsible for approving the tariff methodology and other legislation related to tariff regulation.

From 2023, it is planned to introduce a procedure for the purchase of surplus electrical energy obtained using own sources of renewable energies at fixed tariffs.

Differentiated electricity tariffs are used in many countries and they allow creating a flexible scheme of tariff formation and payment for electricity consumption. The consumer has the right to conclude contracts either at a rate differentiated according to the time of the day (as a rule, electricity is cheaper at night) or at a single rate (i.e., the same price of electricity during the day). In addition, there is a tariff differentiated according to the amount of consumption (using the base amount).