22:51 / 14.05.2020
Executive structure of Cabinet of Ministers changed 
Photo: AFP

A presidential resolution “On additional measures to improve the activity of the Cabinet of Ministers” has been adopted, the Ministry of Justice reports.

In accordance with the resolution, reorganized executive structure of the Cabinet of Ministers has been approved.

The following positions have been introduced:

• Deputy Prime Minister for Social Development;
• Advisor to the Prime Minister – Head of the Department for Development of IT Technologies, Telecommunications and Innovation;
• Advisor to the Prime Minister – Head of the Department for Development of Industry and its Basic Sectors, as well as Cooperation Relations.

According to the decree, the following positions have been abolished in the executive structure of the Cabinet of Ministers:

• Deputy Prime Minister for Education and Health;
• Adviser to the Prime Minister on Industrial Development and Cooperation Relations;
• Secretariat for Support of the Mahalla, Family and Youth, Culture, Spirituality and Public Organizations;
• Secretariat for Education and Health.

Also, the resolution established a Secretariat on Education, Health, Culture, Youth, Spirituality and Public Organizations, Support for the Mahalla and Family.

The decree entrusted the Prime Minister with a number of new tasks.

The Prime Minister, in particular, directly supervises the implementation of programs in the sphere of IT technologies and e-government, ensuring information security, developing telecommunications, science, research and innovation.