00:16 / 17.07.2020
Prosecutor General: Ambulance will arrive in a maximum of 15 minutes, coronavirus test results will be available the next day

On July 15, Prosecutor General Nigmatilla Yuldashev listed the instructions of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev voiced at a meeting held in a videoconference format.

“The first task is to prevent cases of delays when citizens seek medical help by calling 103.

In this regard, the relevant state bodies will take measures to timely receive applications, study and provide primary medical care.

From now on, cases of long delays when calling an ambulance will not be tolerated.

The second assignment is to strengthen the work of the ambulance. In this regard, the task was set to increase the number of qualified medical personnel, medical equipment and vehicles, to provide the population with comfortable ambulance services. The ambulance will arrive in a maximum of 15 minutes. 

The third issue will be to further mobilize existing capabilities to conduct coronavirus tests on time and get results as soon as possible. Arrangements will be made to announce the test results the next day.

One of the most basic instructions was to pay special attention to the full satisfaction of the needs for medicines and products. In this regard, at night, the prosecutor’s office officially warned the heads of more than 1,700 pharmacies in the city of Tashkent.

At least a month’s supply of five types of medicines for the prevention of coronavirus and 9 types of medicines for the treatment of the disease and their sale to the population at affordable prices will be ensured,” Yuldashev said.