21:04 / 05.12.2020
Government cannot compensate for the demolished buildings of individuals and entrepreneurs even in 2021– Kusherbayev

In 2021, the Government will allocate 150 billion soums to compensate for the expropriation of land. According to Rasul Kusherbayev, these funds will only cover 2-3 districts. Deputy Minister of Finance Akhadbek Khaydarov stated that “this is the possible limit of the budget”.

According to the Draft State Budget for 2021, it is expected that 150 billion soums will be allocated to the Compensation Fund for damage caused to individuals and legal entities after the confiscation of land for the needs of the state and society.

MP Rasul Kusherbayev believes that, given the scale of the demolitions, this amount is not enough. He asked the Deputy Minister of Finance at a meeting of the Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party faction about this matter.

“Where did this amount come from? If we look at the actual needs, it is not going to be enough.

For example, I know one district in the Tashkent region that has a debt of about 100 billion soums to entrepreneurs. The money is still not paid, but the premises have been demolished. That’s only enough for two or three districts, and that’s it. We have been arguing with the khokimiyats for a long time, they say that they have no money. But the buildings have already been demolished. It turns out that even next year we won’t be able to pay our debts to entrepreneurs? And there are ordinary citizens there. Actually, the government needs several trillion for this,” Rasul Kusherbayev said.

In response, Deputy Minister of Finance, Akhadbek Khaydarov, stated that 150 billion soums “is established based on the possibilities of the budget”.

“Also, there is a new procedure which allows demolitions only after obtaining permission and, if sufficient means are available. Therefore, based on the possibilities of the budget, we have allocated 150 billion soums for this,” he said