16:36 / 11.12.2020
Man accused of killing a former Supreme Court official sentenced to 19 years in prison

The Tashkent city court on criminal proceedings has announced the verdict on two people who are accused of killing Sh.A., a former supplier in the Supreme Court of Uzbekistan.

One of the defendants was sentenced to 19 years in prison and his accomplice to 5 years. Details of the verdict will be publicized very soon.

It should be recalled that the corpse of 52-year-old Sh.A. was found in a suitcase on the evening of August 8 in the HPP area, located in the Kibray district.

During the investigation, the two men were charged under articles 97, 169, 227 and 241 of the Criminal Code. A precautionary measure in the form of “detention” was applied against them.