18:21 / 12.12.2020
UzAuto Motors case being considered in an appellate court

The appeal of the Antimonopoly Committee against the court decision on the case of UzAuto Motors has been considered in the Tashkent city administrative court.

On December 11, the Tashkent city appellate court began hearing the appeal of the Antimonopoly Committee against the decision of the Tashkent city administrative court of October 30, 2020, and the ruling based on it, Kun.uz correspondent reports.

While considering the case, the court specifically asked journalists to follow a series of procedural orders. According to it, the mass media representatives were allowed to use audio and video recording equipment under the condition that they present the materials in full without cutting or any editing.

At the end of the hearing, the presiding judge announced an adjournment, saying the case would be continued on December 18. One can get acquainted with all the arguments of the representative of the Antimonopoly Committee through an interview prepared from the courtroom.