12:22 / 15.12.2020
Republican Interdepartmental Commission formed to study Bukhara city prosecutor Fozilov’s case

The Republican Interdepartmental Commission has been formed to study the appeal of Bukhara city prosecutor Jasur Fozilov, the People’s Reception Office under the President of Uzbekistan reported.

Jasur Fozilov is putting forward a number of allegations against officials of prosecuting bodies in his video appeals, which have been posted on social networks since December 11.

At the same time, a service check has been appointed against the prosecutor, he has been suspended from performing his duty.

“On December 14 this year, the Republican Interdepartmental Commission was set up to thoroughly and objectively investigate the arguments of Fozilov and assess the situation,” UzA said with reference to the source.

The commission includes officials from the Presidential Administration, the Senate, Business Ombudsman, the Anti-Corruption Agency, the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecutor General’s Office and the regional department of the People’s Reception Office under the President of Uzbekistan.

The commission will organize an in-depth and objective study of all the arguments of Fozilov with his direct participation, an impartial investigation will be conducted to identify the violations mentioned in the appeal.

The results of the inspection will be announced later, the report concludes.