13:21 / 22.12.2020
Tashkent to introduce restrictions on truck movement 

The aim is to prevent traffic jams in the capital city.

The draft resolution of the khokim of Tashkent “On regulation of traffic in order to prevent traffic jams on the streets of Tashkent” has been announced.

In order to prevent traffic jams on the streets of Tashkent, in the territory of the capital, the movement of trucks, with exception of the ones under category N1 (intended for freight transportation with maximum weight not exceeding 3.5 tons), may be restricted from 07:00 to 10:00 in the morning and from 17:00 to 20:00 in the evening.

If emergency and similar urgent measures are required, the movement of privileged special vehicles will be exempt.

In order to ensure traffic safety and regulate traffic on the central streets of Tashkent, the movement of trailers is also restricted.

Tashkent city traffic safety department, Tashkent city transport department, Tashkent city general landscaping department and relevant responsible organizations will establish full control over the movement of large and heavy vehicles in Tashkent, in accordance with Annex 2 to the Rules of traffic safety in the carriage of large and heavy loads, approved by the Resolution No. 342 of the Cabinet of Ministers on December 26, 2011.