12:52 / 01.01.2021
Natural gas supply system in Tashkent to improve in the current year

JSC Khududgaztaminot has started the construction of a gas pipeline in Tashkent with a length of about 8 km. No such facility has been constructed for the past 40 years and its commissioning will improve the supply of gas to the capital.

According to the press service of the company, there are more than 671 thousand individuals and 13 thousand legal entities in the capital that consume natural gas. More than 4 billion cubic meters of gas was supplied to the population this year – 10% more compared to the last year.

“Increased consumption of gas is primarily caused by the development of the capital’s infrastructure, construction of new residential areas, creation of new production capacities. This, in turn, requires the expansion of the existing infrastructure of gas distribution networks,” the company’s report says.

At present, JSC Khudugazataminot has established its headquarters in the Sergeli district. 2,506 meters of pipes have been delivered to the construction site, of which 655 meters have already been installed. The facility employs more than 30 specialists and more than 10 specialized units.

The construction of the new pipeline is planned to be completed by the end of January 2021. Its commissioning will improve the gas supply system in the capital, in particular in the Chilonzor, Uchtepa, Yakkasaroy, Mirobod and Shaykhontohur districts.