11:36 / 07.01.2021
Henley & Partners announces world’s most powerful passports 

Global citizenship and residence advisory firm Henley & Partners has released its quarterly report on the world’s most desirable passports.

Photo: KUN.UZ

According to the new rating, Uzbekistan is on the 86th place, with its citizens being able to visit 57 countries visa-free.

Japan has the most powerful passport in the world, which allows its citizens to visit 191 countries without a visa. Singapore is in second place with 190 countries, followed by South Korea and Germany. Their citizens can enter 189 countries visa-free or obtain a visa upon arrival. In addition, there are European countries, as well as the United States and Canada among the leaders.

The least desirable ones are the passports of the DPRK (39 open states), Libya and Nepal (38), Palestine (37), Somalia and Yemen (33), Pakistan (32), Syria (29), Iraq (28) and Afghanistan (26).