19:24 / 08.01.2021
Uzhydromet comments on abnormal cold in Uzbekistan 

Natural gas and power outages have recently become a pressing issue in Uzbekistan, especially, due to abnormal cold. There is not much hope that the problems with gas and electricity supply will be resolved soon. People just wait for the cold to end so that it will be warmer.

Photo: KUN.UZ

Kun.uz correspondent contacted Uzhydromet specialist Malokhat Ruziyeva and asked whether the cold weather in the country would last much longer.

Can we call today’s temperatures abnormal, or is it normal?

The cold air has entered the territory of our country in the last 10 days due to the cold anticyclonic periphery of the regions of Siberia.

At this time, the temperature plummeted to 5-10 below zero, in steppe zones – to 12-17 degrees below zero.  

What are the forecasts? How long will it last?

According to forecasts by Uzhydromet, the temperature in the Republic will gradually increase from January 9 to 12. In the evening, the air will warm up to figures above zero, while in the afternoon it will reach 5-10 degrees.

When Uzbekistan had such cold winter?

This temperature – 10-12 degrees below zero – was observed before as well. But it never lasted this long, and therefore was not noticed.

For example, on January 11, 2014, the temperature fell to 6-8 degrees below zero. Throughout January 2008, the average temperature was 7 degrees. A short-term cold was also observed in 2012.

There has been no freezing like this in recent years. It was such prolonged that snowflakes crystallized in the air. That’s why we consider it an abnormal cold.