21:04 / 12.01.2021

Uzbekistan to launch new internal flights to connect Fergana Valley with main tourist destinations

The flights across Uzbekistan will connect the Fergana Valley regions with the main tourist routes. It is planned to allocate 20-25 billion soums a year from the state budget for air travel.

Flights will be launched from the Fergana Valley to Samarkand, Bukhara, Urgench and Termez, Deputy Finance Minister Ahadbek Khaydarov said.

“In cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and the State Committee for Tourism Development, we have identified the destinations. These routes are expected to connect the Valley regions with major tourist cities such as Samarkand, Bukhara, Urgench, Termez. For example, there are no flights on the Fergana-Bukhara route. If we launch a flight from Fergana to Bukhara, 30% of the costs will be covered by the state budget. For passengers flying in this direction, it will be convenient, as it saves their time. Once the project is fully developed and approved by the government, it will be adopted as a resolution and implemented,” the Deputy Minister said.

According to Ahadbek Khaydarov, a subsidy will be given directly to the airline.

“We have enough opportunities to allocate funds from the state budget. It is estimated that if the subsidy is introduced on five routes, the annual funding will be 20-25 billion soums,” he said.

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