18:55 / 13.01.2021
Government Financial Control Department reveals violations worth 246 billion soums 

In 2020, the Government Financial Control Department and its territorial units carried out 4,729 (in 2019 - 8,074) checks on the observance of budgetary discipline and the targeted use of budgetary funds, the Ministry of Finance reports.

Photo: KUN.UZ

The operational checks revealed cases of budgetary discipline violations and unwarranted expenditures amounting to 246 billion soums, of which 168.8 billion soums were returned to the budget

It is noted that in the system of the Ministry of Public Education, 573 violations were registered with total damage of 96.6 billion soums – 3.2 times more than in 2019 (29.8 billion soums).

Irregularities in the Health Ministry system were recorded at 523 and the total damage amounted to 40 billion soums, which is 2.9 times more than in the previous year (13.8 billion soums).

Damage to the state budget by illegal activities in the system of the Ministry of Pre-school Education was recorded at 16.7 billion soums. In total, 270 cases were revealed.

Of the 124 monitoring activities carried out in the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities, 106 revealed violations with a total damage of 9.4 billion soums, 8.5 times more compared to the corresponding period of 2019 (1.1 billion soums).

The systems of the Ministry of Culture (6.8 billion soums), the Ministry of Water Management (5.6 billion soums), the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education (5 billion soums), the Ministry of Physical Education and Sports (4.1 billion soums), and the Ministry of Agriculture (3.1 billion soums) have also been the scene of more financial offenses.

As part of the monitoring activities carried out in the budget institutions in 2020, cases of theft of 54.5 billion soums cash were detected (not recording cash received from the bank to the organization’s coffers, payroll calculation to non-listed employees, etc.), which is 7.5 times higher than last year (in 2019 – 7.2 billion soums).

Forty-eight responsible officials of organizations were fined for violating the budget legislation.