11:36 / 26.01.2021
Embassy of Uzbekistan in Beijing informs citizens about new rules for entering China

China has extended the duration of quarantine for those arriving in the capital.

According to the press service of the Embassy of Uzbekistan, following the new cases of coronavirus infection in recent days among the population of China (in particular in Beijing), the government of the PRC introduced new rules for those arriving in the country.

These include:

- Strict adherence to the efforts and measures taken by the PRC government to stop the spread of coronavirus and to eliminate the consequences of the disease;

- Effective from January 19, 2021, the quarantine period has been extended to 28 days to monitor the health of those coming to the capital Beijing from abroad. Those who want to enter Beijing from abroad through other Chinese cities will be quarantined in those cities for 21 days before entering the capital. Upon arrival in Beijing, their health will be monitored again for 7 days;

- Those planning to return to Uzbekistan from China are advised to use the services of the Chinese airlines, which operate charter flights on the route “Xi'an-Tashkent-Xi'an”. Students are given discounts.

In addition, citizens of Uzbekistan in China may fly to Seoul and, without leaving the airport transit zone, travel to Uzbekistan on the route “Tashkent-Seoul-Tashkent”, using the services of Uzbekistan Airways JSC, which is operated weekly on Fridays.

Citizens in Uzbekistan who plan to return to China for further studies or work are advised to contact an educational institution/employer for advice on entry into China.

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