13:23 / 06.02.2021
Uzbekistan to abolish requirement for a technical inspection of new vehicles

The President has recently signed the State Program for 2021.

Photo: Getty Images

The document, which defines the main objectives of the road safety service and aims to prevent factors that create conditions conducive to corruption, approved the following proposals:

• Establishment of a technical inspection of the motor vehicle on the basis of the principle of extraterritoriality and abolishment of the technical inspection requirement for the new motor vehicle;

• Implementation of state registration of motor vehicles and the issuance of state license plates in one of the registration and examination departments of Tashkent and Nukus, as well as the regional centers irrespective of the area of registration of citizens’ permanent residence address;

• Registration of the driving license in all registration and examination departments and public service centers regardless of the territory of registration of citizens’ permanent residence address;

• Creating the possibility for the public to observe, including through the Internet, the process of taking the examination of applicants for a driving license;

• Preventing road accidents and reducing road mortality by gradually increasing the number of modern traffic lights for pedestrian crossings.

The Ministry of Interior has been instructed to submit a draft government decision within three months.