16:03 / 31.05.2021
Senators reject law on gun ownership

Senators rejected the law “On amending and supplementing certain legislative acts of Uzbekistan for the improvement of legislation on weapons.”

Based on the results of field studies, a number of systemic problems related to the implementation of the law “On Weapons”, as well as firearm trafficking were identified. For example, the list of diseases for which possession of weapons is contraindicated has not yet been approved.

Although there are medical restrictions on a citizen’s possession of weapons, the consumption of alcohol and drugs is not an obstacle to obtaining a permit.

There are also no mechanisms for periodically checking gun owners medically, as well as monitoring their attitude towards people who live with them.

Also, the list of objects, which cannot be accessed with firearms, pneumatic, or self-defense weapons is not yet created.

“There have been cases related to the circulation of weapons and ammunition that had negative consequences, including the recent case at a school in Kazan, Russian Federation,” the Senate noted.

Therefore, the senators recommend the initiators of the law to conduct a comprehensive analysis of problems arising in this area, to study the question of the fundamental improvement of the current law “On Weapons” and other legislative norms, and only after – the establishment of liability measures in the Criminal Code, the Code of Administrative Responsibility.