19:42 / 03.07.2021
“If they want to work in Uzbekistan – they should respect our laws” - responsible persons about changes in the law on personal data

The chief of “Uzkomnazorat” Golibsher Ziyoyev and other responsible officials commented on change in the law on social networks.

The forum of the international experts of the CIS in information security took place in specialized training center of National guard.
The correspondent of Kun.uz within the forum asked responsible persons to comment on Article 27-1 added to the law “On Personal Data”. On the basis of this article, social networks must store personal data of Uzbek citizens physically in the territory of Uzbekistan.

“It is not necessary to transfer personal correspondences to Uzbekistan”

Golibsher Ziyoyev, the chief of the state inspectorate for control in the sphere of information and telecommunication (Uzkomnazorat):

- We need to ensure observance of each law adopted. This law is directed to protection of personal data of citizens of Uzbekistan. Today both technical, and legal basis is created for this purpose – all opportunities are present.

When it comes to the server, we imagine that large complexes are needed for this, but there are competent authorities that are ready to create them for information technology development.

- Does personal data include also personal chats, or the data used for registration?

- By the law it is established what is included into personal data. Personal chats are not.

“We try to ensure constitutional rights of our citizens”

Temur Akhmedov, head of department of institute of strategic and interregional researches:

- Rules of law on personal data were introduced in 2019, when the law “On Personal Data” was adopted. This way we can guarantee constitutional rights of citizens by strengthening internal control. As for external control, with high probability, we will not be able to provide it.

When hackers attack such companies as Facebook, Yahoo, and obtain some information, it costs the companies $10-100 million as it affects their image, reputation. Therefore, we try to deliver personal data of our citizens to Uzbekistan to ensure their safety.

- If we deliver these data here will the inviolability of these data be guaranteed?

- I already told that in Uzbekistan inviolability is guaranteed by the Constitution. If any data is stoen, citizens can appeal to court. In courts of Uzbekistan, cases are considered easier and quicker, than in the International Court of Justice. There are cases when in the International Courts of Justice of business drag on for 10 years.

“If the Internet companies are planning to work in Uzbekistan, they have to observe the legislation of Uzbekistan.”

Eldor Tulyakov, executive director of the Development strategy center:

- In the computerized society many services, in particular, payment, are provided in electronic form. The volume of personal data in this process considerably increased – citizens should share a lot of their personal data. Under such circumstances each country has the right to protect personal data of the citizens and to make relevant requirements.

These are the data influencing both personally and on directly economic condition of citizens. For example, when citizens provide data of their credit card, funds from the account may be stolen. The state wants to prevent such cases.

We do not yet know how this will work in practice. We shall see whether the large corporations working in electronic space will respect the legislation of Uzbekistan. If they want to work in Uzbekistan – they should obey our laws. The law demands their servers to be located in Uzbekistan.

To remind, Article 27-1 added to the law “On Personal Data” came into force on April 16, 2021.

On her basis, the large Internet companies and social networks have to store personal data of citizens of Uzbekistan on the servers which are physically located in the territory of Uzbekistan.

Kun.uz shall will report on news about this addition to the law and also publishes opinion of active public members and analytical articles on the subject.

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