19:26 / 28.07.2021

President Mirziyoyev gets acquainted with conditions in orphanage No. 21

On July 28, in Tashkent, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the orphanage No. 21.

According to the press service of the head of state, 122 children are being brought up in this institution, including 47 orphans and 75 social orphans.

“Qualified educators, psychologists, speech therapists, and defectologists work in the orphanage. There are circles of robotics, mental arithmetic, hairdressing, culinary, sewing. In addition to health promotion in sports sections, children participate and become prize-winners at national and international competitions,” the statement reads.

The head of state got acquainted with the conditions created here and watched the activities of the children.

“The purpose of our visit today is to meet with you and improve conditions for all pupils, to create an educational environment as close as possible to a family. We will create opportunities for you, so that you can receive education on an equal basis with everyone, study at universities, acquire a profession, get housing and work, and take a worthy place in life. You must know that you have parents and a homeland. The state will never ignore you,” the President said.

Exemplary conditions have been created in the orphanage. But individual work with children, vocational guidance of pupils are not established at the proper level. There is no department that would facilitate the first steps of adult pupils in independent life, their receipt of higher education and their employment.

In this regard, the head of state proposed to assign the National Guard of the Republic of Uzbekistan to all orphanages and special boarding schools.

“These institutions have a material sponsor, now they need a spiritual patron. This is a good and necessary deed,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev said. 

There are 16 orphanages and 4 children’s towns in Uzbekistan. They educate 1,823 boys and girls. In 86 special boarding schools, 21,363 children study.

It has been determined that, as an experiment, the National Guard will be responsible for the activities of these institutions. It is instructed to create a methodology for specialized education and patriotic education of children. The importance of developing children’s abilities through the interaction of orphanages and special boarding schools with scientific, artistic and sports organizations was emphasized.