13:12 / 09.09.2021
Children in Tashkent’s two kindergartens hospitalized with poisoning

In the Mirabad district, eight children from two kindergartens were hospitalized with poisoning.

The press service of the Ministry of Preschool Education reported.

In particular, on August 26, six children of kindergarten No. 64 and two pupils of kindergarten No. 247 were hospitalized in medical institutions with signs of acute intestinal infection.

“On August 27, a working group consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Preschool Education, the Sanitary-Epidemiological and Public Health Service, the Main Directorate of Preschool Education of Tashkent, the Sanitary-Epidemiological and Public Health Service of the Mirabad district, as well as doctors of the regional medical association of the Mirabad district, studied the state of the kindergartens, the activities of cooks, nurses. An examination of the children has been organized,” the message read.

Employees of the Sanitary-Epidemiological and Public Health Service took daily samples of meals, as well as all food products that the children had consumed over the past three days and sent them to the laboratory.

By August 31, all hospitalized children were discharged home in satisfactory condition, under the supervision of doctors at their place of residence.

“At present, the investigation of this case continues. Based on the results of the investigation and laboratory tests, additional information will be provided and measures will be taken against the perpetrators,” the ministry concluded.

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