10:02 / 15.10.2021
A man detained in Tashkent for growing Indian hemp at his home

Law enforcement bodies detained a man who was growing 68 Indian hemp bushes at his home.

The press service of the Tashkent city DIA reported.

“On October 6 at about 19:00, during a preventive measure, it was found out that 46-year-old D.T. was growing 68 Indian hemp bushes at his home,” the report said.

On this fact, a criminal case was initiated under Article 270 (growing crops prohibited for cultivation) of the Criminal Code.

Indian hemp is a plant of hot climates and relatively short daylight hours. Contrary to its name, it is most common not in India, but in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Reportedly, the Pakistani variety often does not have the characteristic wide leaves. Abundant Indian cannabis plantations in Afghanistan and Pakistan are traditionally grown for the production of hashish. Indian hemp works well in temperate climates. The cultivation of this hemp is prohibited by the laws of most countries in the world.

It should be recalled that in August of this year, in the Samarkand region, law enforcement officers detained a farmer who was growing hemp on his field.

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