11:23 / 21.10.2021
Turkey detains a citizen of Uzbekistan on charges of espionage
Photo: hurriyet.com

The prosecutor’s office of Istanbul detained four Russian citizens, as well as a citizen of Ukraine and a citizen of Uzbekistan, who are accused of preparing an armed attack on some Chechen oppositionists, the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reported.

The detainees are accused of political and military espionage, for which Turkey provides for 15 to 20 years in prison. The court arrested the accused. They are imprisoned in Maltepe, Istanbul.

Hurriyet published the names of the detainees: these are Russian citizens Abdula Abdulaev, Ravshan Akhmedov, Bislan Rasaev and Aslanbek Abdulmuslimov, as well as a citizen of Ukraine Igor Efrim and a citizen of Uzbekistan Amir Yusupov.

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