12:41 / 25.10.2021
Uzbekistan to send first express train with fresh vegetables and fruits to Moscow in November

Tashkent will send the first Agroexpress train with fresh vegetables and fruits to Moscow in the second half of November, TASS reports citing Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Sardor Umurzakov as saying.

Photo: Getty Images

“The pilot export is scheduled for the second half of November,” Umurzakov said. “Russia and Uzbekistan will continue working on improvements in this project because it will make possible to scale up trade in terms of quantity and quality.”

Umurzakov said he had discussed all the details of the Agroexpress project with Russian Minister of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov during his visit to Uzbekistan. 

“We finally agreed on all organizational, technical and other aspects of implementing the Agroexpress project within the framework of our meetings and discussions,” the Deputy Prime Minister noted.

Kazakhstan, the country through which the train will travel, also joined the project, Umurzakov said. 

“This is not a single express train, this refers to a system we would like to launch,” he noted. “Agroexpress will deliver goods from Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan and from Kazakhstan to Russia and the other way around to ensure capacity utilization and efficiency of transportation as much as possible.”

The Agroexpress project focuses on the accelerated delivery of agricultural produce in refrigerated railcars along the Moscow – Tashkent route. The delivery time of fresh vegetables and fruits from Uzbekistan to Russia and meat and flour products from Russia to Uzbekistan will become shorter.

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