20:40 / 26.10.2021
Another batch of metro cars arrives in Tashkent

On October 26, a presentation of modern Russian metro cars that have arrived the other day took place at the Tashkent-Central railway station.

Photo: Railways of Uzbekistan

The delivery of metro cars was the final one from the side of the JSC Uzbekistan Railways, which completed fulfillment of obligations to the Tashkent metro imposed by the presidential decree “On the implementation of the project “Acquisition of ten trains of metro cars for the overground line of the Tashkent metro”.

Five metro trains of four-car design will be formed from the 20 cars that have arrived.

“With the arrival of a new batch of rolling stocks of this modification, the number of modern trains in the Tashkent metro has reached 60 units of cars, that is, 15 trains. It should be recalled that in 2019, the first batch of 20 metro cars arrived in Tashkent. In August of this year, JSC Metrovagonmash sent another 20 metro cars to Uzbekistan,” the message says.

All incoming Russian metro cars are designed taking into account the peculiarities of the Tashkent metro. In general, the Tashkent metro and Metrovagonmash have been cooperating since the foundation of the capital’s metro, since 1977.

The contract for the manufacture of 40 metro cars of JSC Metrovagonmash and UE “Toshkent metropoliteni” was signed in April this year. The sources of financing are loans from the state corporation “Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs” and the Russian Export-Import Bank.

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