14:09 / 20.11.2021
Senators approve amendments prohibiting changing the cost of goods depending on payment mode

At the XXI plenary session of the Senate, the Law “On amendments and amendments to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On protection of consumer rights” was considered.

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The law introduces new mechanisms for the legal regulation of relations between the consumer and the seller (manufacturer, supplier of works and services), as well as such new requirements as granting to the consumer in contractual relations the preemptive right to satisfy his requirements established by law, and the inadmissibility of including in the contract conditions that infringe on the rights of the consumer provided for by law.

The seller is also prohibited from setting different prices for the same brand (model, article) of goods depending on the payment mode, taking into account that the consumer can pay for the goods in cash or non-cash form.

A norm is being introduced according to which, upon confirmation of defects in a product (work, service) and its non-compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents, the seller (manufacturer, performer) must fully cover the costs associated with the verification (testing, examination) of goods (work, services) to the consumer or the authorized state bodies for the protection of consumer rights. 

In addition, the law establishes the rights and powers of the Agency for the Protection of Consumer Rights as an authorized state body implementing a unified state policy and coordinating the activities of state bodies and organizations in the field of consumer protection and regulation of the advertising market.

The law was also supplemented with norms aimed at preventing and suppressing violations of consumer rights during the remote sale of goods (works, services) using information systems.

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