21:51 / 22.11.2021
Six officials of Karshi oil depot resign after selling oil worth about 1.5 billion soums to consumers without receiving money

The chairman of the board of Uzbekneftegaz JSC punished the officials of Karshi oil depot for financial mistakes, Uznews.uz reports.

Фото: Uzbekneftegaz

Six officials of Karshi oil depot were fired after selling oil worth about 1.5 billion soums to consumers without receiving money.

On the instructions of Mekhriddin Abdullayev, Chairman of the Board of Uzbekneftegaz JSC, preventive control measures aimed at combating corruption, economic crimes and preventing their further occurrence in the field of financial and compliance control are underway.

The next monitoring was conducted at the Karshi Oil Depot LLC. The inspection revealed a large number of financial violations associated with the storage of oil products, their delivery to consumers, receivables, payables, as well as non-compliance with applicable law.

As of January 1, 2021, the total receivables increased by 21 billion 213 million soums due to the indifference of the company’s management and officials, as well as the free delivery of products in violation of applicable law.

In particular:
- Debts at Karshi oil depot (without branches) increased by 9 billion 257.4 million soums;
- at “mKoson” branch – by 10 billion 553.1 million soums;
- at Guzar branch – by 1 billion 386.5 million soums.

Oil products stored at the stations of Karshi Oil Depot LLC were registered and compared with accounting balances. In total, 130,135 liters of oil products worth 1 billion 286 million soums were delivered to consumers free of charge, without permits and invoices, and there was a shortage. During the study period, a total of 895.7 million soums of oil products were recovered from consumers.
Similarly, 130,254 liters of petroleum products worth 1 billion 162 million soums were delivered to consumers free of charge without registration of permits and invoices in 3 stations of Yakkabog branch. Funds were withdrawn from consumers and the deficit was fully covered.

In the inventory of the Kasan branch of the oil depot, a shortfall of 11.0 tons of AI-80 gasoline worth 80.5 million soums was identified and covered by the responsible person.

During the inventory of the branch’s existing material base, it was found that the goods worth 15.4 million soums were invalidated in 16 warehouses.

Also, in 2015-2017, no measures were taken to collect 10.7 million soums in arrears of employees from purchased standard housing.

In order to eliminate the identified shortcomings and prevent their further occurrence, an extended meeting was held at the Karshi Oil Depot LLC with the participation of the relevant departments of Uzbekneftegaz JSC and the staff of the oil depot.

According to the results of the investigation, strict disciplinary measures were taken against a total of 28 officials of the Karshi Oil Depot LLC, who had made mistakes, including the termination of employment contracts with 6 employees. Disciplinary action was taken against 22 people. Necessary measures have been determined to eliminate errors, prevent further, provide appropriate legal assessment and reduce looting.

Documents on violations identified at the Karshi oil depot were collected and sent to law enforcement agencies for legal assessment.