20:39 / 14.12.2021
Health Ministry dismisses 40% of the central office staff

40% of the staff of the central office of the Health Ministry were dismissed and offered to work in lower-level medical institutions.

Фото: Ministry of Health

Today, December 14, an extraordinary Board meeting of the Ministry of Health was held.

According to the press service of the Health Ministry, the meeting was held in a very tense atmosphere, errors and omissions in each direction of the system were critically analyzed.

“It has been noted that the Ministry of Health has recently received many complaints about the dissatisfaction of our people with the medical sector. Because there are many problems in the system that need to be solved. Especially in most regions, the quality of medical services is still not at the required level.

Bureaucratic hurdles and corruption in the sector, unfortunately, persist. President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has repeatedly mentioned this in talks with local officials and members of the public.

For example, in the first 11 months of this year, the total number of applications received by the Ministry of Health increased by almost 12,000 compared to the same period last year and amounted to 57,600. Most of them are issues related to medical care with poor quality.

Unluckily, the population is often forced to turn to the President’s Virtual and People’s Receptions, the PM Virtual Reception, the Prosecutor General’s Office and other responsible agencies for even simple issues that can be resolved on the spot.

It is also unfortunate that the incidence of some diseases among our compatriots is growing every year. In particular, the incidence of cardiovascular disease has increased by 20% in the last five years.

In addition, despite the fact that there are at least 10-15 laboratories in one district, due to the lack of conditions and skillful specialists for blood analysis, the number of applications to the republican institutions for severe complications of diabetes – eye, kidney and ankle diseases has increased by 10%.

In medicine, the expected results are not achieved due to insufficient organization of work in the areas of public-private partnerships, health insurance, licensing, accreditation and development of medical tourism, digitalization of the industry.

All this is due to the lack of modern, innovative, enterprising, professional and creative staff in solving problems in the healthcare system.

As a result, 40% of the employees of the central office of the Health Ministry, who did not succeed in their work, were dismissed and offered to work in lower-level medical institutions,” the ministry said in a statement.

The personnel reform initiated by the Ministry is expected to cover the regional health departments, district and city medical associations, as well as all treatment and prevention facilities in the country. In this process, the main criterion will be the complaints and appeals from the population.

It was noted at the meeting that this issue was discussed in detail, for which a special group was formed under the Ministry to study the appeals of individuals and legal entities, to find a reasonable solution to them.