12:44 / 29.01.2022
Foreign Ministry clarifies whether agreement on staying in Russia for Uzbeks without registration for 15 days is in force

The Foreign Ministry clarified whether Uzbeks are now able to stay in Russia without registration for 15 days.

Photo: RIA Novosti

Recently, information has been circulated about the entry into force of a procedure according to which citizens of Uzbekistan can temporarily stay on the territory of the Russian Federation without registration for 15 days.

According to the MFA press service, an intergovernmental agreement on the procedure for the stay of citizens of Uzbekistan on the territory of Russia and citizens of the Russian Federation on the territory of Uzbekistan was signed on June 17, 2021.

Article 1 of the agreement provides that citizens of the state of one party temporarily residing in the territory of the state of the other party are exempted from the obligation to register (registration at the place of stay) with the competent authorities of the state of entry within 15 days.

On January 20 of this year, a presidential decree was adopted to approve this international treaty. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan sent a notification to the Russian side about the implementation of domestic procedures by the Uzbek side.

At the same time, according to Article 4 of the agreement, it will enter into force from the date of receipt through diplomatic channels of the last notification of the completion by the parties of the internal state procedures necessary for entry into force.

Thus, this document has not entered into force yet, since the Russian side has not completed the implementation of the relevant domestic procedures.

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