12:47 / 28.02.2022
Embassy urges truck drivers to regularly check for absence of penalties and fines when entering Russia

The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Azerbaijan called on domestic cargo carriers to regularly check for the absence of fines against truck drivers when entering Russia.

Photo: Kun.uz

This recommendation is based on the continuing cases of drivers being denied entry into Russian territory when crossing the Georgian-Russian border at the Upper Lars checkpoint. Such actions are motivated by the fact that the driver crossing the border may be included in the list of those deported because of his violations of the RF legislation (failure to pay various fines).

The emerging problems are also exacerbated by the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In view of this, Uzbek diplomats are making efforts to provide legal assistance in each specific case and protect the interests of fellow citizens.

In this regard, the Embassy again strongly recommended truck drivers to check in advance for the absence of a ban on entry before crossing the border with Russia, including through Azerbaijan and Georgia.

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