11:51 / 07.03.2022
Currency exchange: UZS further depreciates against US dollar

Several commercial banks in Uzbekistan raised the US dollar exchange rate on Monday, March 7.

Photo: Kun.uz

Many of the banks have set the purchase rate at 10,885 – 10,900 soums and the sale at 10,960 – 10,965 soums. For the first time, the exchange rate of the dollar has reached the 10,965 soums mark.

The Russian ruble, meanwhile, has strengthened slightly after the collapse last week – the Central Bank's rate has now reached 99 soums. Most banks now sell the ruble at 120 soums, purchase at 80.

In 2021, the Uzbek soum depreciated by 3.4% - the fall was the lowest since 2018. However, this year the Accounts Chamber expects a considerable increase in the US dollar exchange rate.

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