11:55 / 13.05.2022
Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan comments on passenger bus accident in Kazakhstan, provides new data

At the Consulate General in Almaty a headquarters has been set up to organize assistance to the victims, diplomats are at the scene.

Photo: Instagram / jambyl_tjd

Earlier, it was reported that in the Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan, an accident occurred involving a passenger bus, in which there were citizens of Uzbekistan.

The bus, which was moving along the Nukus-Almaty route, had 53 passengers, including 47 citizens of Uzbekistan. As a result of the accident, 2 citizens of Uzbekistan died.

According to the Agency for External Labor Migration, 4 compatriots are in intensive care, 13 are in the traumatology department.

Under the Consulate General of Uzbekistan in Almaty, a headquarters has been set up to organize assistance to the victims. Diplomats went to the scene of the incident.

The situation is under the control of the Consulate General. Communication is maintained with law enforcement agencies and medical institutions, and organizational issues of transporting the bodies of the deceased to their homeland are being resolved.

The Foreign Ministry noted that citizens of Uzbekistan could apply for assistance to the Consulate General at +77779504422 or +77779504433.

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