21:30 / 07.06.2022

“Sniper” of National Guard shoots a civil servant

An employee of the gas supply department, who was on duty in Tashkent district, was shot. The examination confirmed that the combat bullet was fired from a SVD sniper rifle by cadets conducting training at the National Guard University of Public Security. The military prosecutor’s office, which closed the case on the grounds that there were no signs of a crime, began re-examining it during the Kun.uz inquiry.

On March 15, 2022, Davron Nosirov, an employee of the Tashkent district gas supply department, visited the house of a citizen in Bunyodkor mahalla of the district. He was shot in the back while sealing a gas meter.

The victim was immediately taken to the emergency surgery department of the Tashkent Medical Academy. But even until March 16, doctors were unable to remove the bullet from his body. The patient was then taken to the Central Military Hospital of the Ministry of Defense. There, the bullet was removed from the patient’s body.

According to the forensic ballistic examination, the metal object (bullet) taken from Davron Nosirov’s body turned out to be a 7.62 caliber bullet part of the Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD). It turned out that it was used on March 15 during a training session at the University of Public Security, located near the neighborhood where Davron Nosirov serves. This is stated in a statement sent by the prosecutor's office to the Tashkent district gas supply department, where the victim works, and the leadership of the National University, where he has part-time education.

7.62 mm caliber Dragunov sniper rifle was developed in 1957-1963 by a team of designers led by Yevgeny Dragunov. In 1963, it was used in the USSR Army. So far, it is one of the main sniper weapons in the armies of major countries such as the CIS countries, the Middle East, India and China.

The weapon, designed to destroy single live targets, can target up to 1,300 meters with an optical targeting device, and up to 1,200 meters through an open target.

Two weeks after the incident, on March 29, 2022, the Tashkent Military Prosecutor’s Office initiated a criminal case under Article 297-1 of the Criminal Code (violation of the rules of handling weapons, as well as substances and objects that pose a great danger to others). According to Nosirov, investigators told him that he had been shot at a distance of 2.3 km away.

On the map, one can see that the direct distance between the place where Nosirov was wounded and the educational institution of the National Guard is about 2 km.

“Initially, the report said it was a minor injury, but for a long time there was no pain. The pain in one leg of mine began to spread to the other as well. Then I had to undergo another examination at the Central Military Hospital,” Nosirov said.

A subsequent investigation by the Central Forensic Medical Expertise Center of the Armed Forces confirmed that Davronbek Nosirov’s sciatic nerve had been damaged by a firearm, and that he had suffered mechanical-contusion injuries and complications.

These injuries are also assessed as moderate-intensity injuries that result in a permanent loss of ability to work of 10 to 33% of the citizen, unless there are subsequent residual complications.

One week later, on May 24, the Tashkent military prosecutor’s office ruled that there was no criminal charge under Article 207 of the Criminal Code (abusing official power) in the actions of officers in charge of training at the University of Public Security and no crime was committed under Article 297 of the Criminal Code by the actions of several 2nd year cadets of the 4th platoon battalion, group 242.

The criminal case was terminated in accordance with Article 83-2 of the Criminal Procedural Code.

In the above conclusion of the Central Forensic Medical Examination of the Armed Forces, it was confirmed that the bullet hit the citizen Davron Nosirov was a weapon of great danger to others, as well as a violation of the rules of handling ammunition, provided for in Article 297 of the Criminal Code.

The investigation report also states that a citizen injured by a firearm may apply to a civil court to recover the material costs and non-pecuniary damage incurred to restore his health.

At the same time, the victim, who is being treated at the clinic of the Tashkent Medical Academy, says that he is dissatisfied with the closure of the case and the non-reimbursement of material losses incurred to restore his health.

“I am the sole breadwinner in my family, but I have been bedridden for 2.5 months and I can’t move much. I was hospitalized at TashMI, a military hospital and other hospitals at my own expense. I was also treated at home with medication. A total of about $7,000 was spent, and I was indebted to my friends to restore my health.

Ever since I have been hospitalized, no National Guard employees have visited me. The investigator is closing the case stating that there are no signs of a crime,” Davron Nosirov said.

Speaking to Kun.uz, Ikromjon Mahmudov, vice-rector of the National Guard University of Public Security, said that the victim had been assisted.

“When the examination confirmed that the bullet came from our university, we visited his family three times. Our employees collected 10.5 million soums and handed over to the victim’s family. Then we went to the National University, where he was studying, because he could not attend classes due to his health. We explained the situation to the rector of the National University of Uzbekistan and helped to solve his educational problems.

Our shooting range is deep and security measures have been taken. Even though the top is open, there are concrete barriers behind the signs. Classes have been held here for 30 years, but such a case has never happened before.

It is impossible to determine exactly who shot this bullet. Because in the shooting range, cadets shoot from 8 corridors at once. The same happened when Davron Nosirov was shot. There will be a number only on the cartridge case, and no inscription on the flying bullet.

We are ready to provide any assistance to the victim within the law. We advised him to appeal to a court. We will compensate the material and moral damage caused in accordance with the court decision,” the vice-rector of the University of Public Security said.

Mekhribon Mametova, a spokeswoman for Khududgaztaminot (Davron Nosirov’s employer), said that she was aware of the incident.

“The head of the regional trade union, the head of the district branch, visited him and inquired about his condition. He was also given explanations that he would receive the assistance provided by law after submitting the relevant documents. He is now officially on sick leave and has not been fired. We will not neglect our staff,” she said.

A spokesman for the military prosecutor’s office told Kun.uz that the Tashkent military prosecutor’s office had reopened the case on the basis of an application written by the victim’s mother.

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