14:21 / 10.06.2022

Uzbekistan, Malaysia identify promising areas of cooperation for developing small and medium-sized businesses

With the support of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Kuala Lumpur, an online meeting was organized between the Agency for Work of Mahallabay and Entrepreneurship Development under the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction of Uzbekistan and the leadership of the SME Corporation Malaysia under the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives of Malaysia.

Photo: Dunyo news agency

SME Corp was established in 1996 to develop and implement programs to support, finance, develop and digitalize small and medium-sized enterprises in Malaysia, as well as provide advisory services to the country’s business community.

Along with this, the Malaysian corporation organizes advanced training courses to ensure the efficiency of production activities, the implementation of conscientious production and export operations.

During the meeting, the Malaysian side was informed in detail about the ongoing work in Uzbekistan to develop entrepreneurship, employment and poverty reduction, as well as programs aimed at increasing incomes in the country, such as “Every family is an entrepreneur” and “Youth is our future”.

The Director General of SME Corporation Malaysia, Rizal Naini, highly appreciated the work being done in Uzbekistan to develop entrepreneurship and expressed his readiness to establish cooperation with the agency in this area. 

The talks also discussed the formation of strategies for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, the coordination of programs implemented by the relevant ministries and departments in this area, the exchange of experience and training in promoting cooperation with the private sector.

Following the talks, a number of agreements on the development of bilateral cooperation were reached.