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Sodiq Safoyev speaks about nullification of presidential terms

If the new Constitution is adopted, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev will be able to run in the elections. Whether he exercises this right or not, it is up to the individual himself and his political party, the First Deputy Chairman of the Senate of Oliy Majlis Sodiq Safoyev said in an interview with Kun.uz.

Photo: Kun.uz

- When it comes to constitutional reforms, many on social media say that the main purpose of amending the Constitution is to extend the term of presidential office. What do you think about that opinion?

- In answering your previous question, I tried to justify the importance and necessity of changing the Constitution today. I will not repeat these words, I am convinced that it is time to amend our Constitution. No one doubts that.

At the same time, let’s make it clear, if the new Constitution is adopted, it will certainly provide an opportunity for all citizens, including our current President, to participate in the elections under the new Constitution.

Whether or not our President enjoys this opportunity and right, it is primarily a matter for this person. It is up to a political party that represents the person. But that right belongs to him. This is an international experience – a new constitution, a new legal space has been created and is being updated.

Personally, if you ask my opinion, I must say that as a person who has had experience and analyzed the international situation, today we live in an extremely dangerous world. It is getting more complicated day by day. In particular, this has negative consequences for our country. But we still need to continue reforms. I am convinced that the person who started these reforms should have a chance to bring it to an end. I can argue this with whoever you want and wherever you want.

Photo: Kun.uz

We have all seen in the last five years that the head of state, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, is not a politician who clings to power. We see that he is a man who has dedicated his life to serving the country and the homeland. We see how much he is trying to lighten the burden of our people, to ensure their economic well-being, to secure their future.

As a person with knowledge of international relations, I can say that over the past five years, Uzbekistan has been recognized as a leader in a new formation by the world’s largest countries, based on the work done in both domestic and foreign policy. Everyone recognizes that he is the President of Uzbekistan. This is a great achievement and encouragement of our country and people, we have no right to lose it. In today’s menacing world, it is necessary for our people to have a world-recognized leader in Uzbekistan.

For instance, the pandemic period was an extremely complex, difficult situation. At a time when the crisis is deepening in large and powerful countries, it was in Uzbekistan that the President played a significant role in uniting the entire nation, amalgamating all strata and non-governmental organizations together with the government and leading them out of this catastrophe.

I want to reiterate that if we adopt a new Constitution, it will create new opportunities for us. Ensuring the continuity and consistency of our reforms and policies is an important issue for us. The President Shavkat Mirziyoyev is to carry on with this task. I don’t know how he will make a decision, but personally I am in favor of ensuring this continuity.

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