20:09 / 22.07.2022

Gasoline prices compared with an average salary in Uzbekistan 

According to analysts, the figure is larger than Kyrgyzstan, but many times smaller than Kazakhstan and Russia.

Фото: Reuters

In Uzbekistan, one can ban average salary can buy about 290 liters of gasoline, analysts at Picodi.com calculated. 

According to them, this is one of the last places in the CIS - only Kyrgyzstan is lower. The average fuel price in the country is $0.95 per liter, which is quite high for the CIS.

Gasoline is cheaper in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Belarus and Azerbaijan, more expensive in Armenia (no data for Turkmenistan and Tajikistan).

The lowest gasoline prices in the region are observed in Kazakhstan - $0.47 per liter. The average salary in the country is equal to 1,102 liters - the maximum for the Commonwealth countries (for comparison, in Russia - 1,011 liters).

Of the world countries for which information is available, the cheapest gasoline is sold in Algeria ($0.31), Kuwait ($0.34), Iran ($0.35) and Nigeria ($0.42). However, in three countries out of four, the average salary is not enough even for 1,000 liters.

On the other hand, Kuwait got the second place in the gasoline ranking - the average salary in the country is enough for 5,578 liters. The first line with 5,968 liters was taken by Qatar.

Also, large volumes of gasoline can be bought in Saudi Arabia (4,372 l), UAE (3,202 l), Oman (2,575 l). Outside the Gulf countries, the USA (2,952 l), Australia (2,917 l) and Switzerland (2,455 l) are leading in terms of the ratio of earnings to the price of fuel.

Since the beginning of the year, most countries of the world have experienced a significant increase in gasoline prices. The record here was set by Sri Lanka, where automobile fuel has risen in price by 129.5% in six months. Turkey (100%), Panama (65%) and Ukraine (63.3%) follow it.

In the US, gasoline became more expensive by 40.5%, in European countries - from 16.8% in Germany to 45.7% in Austria. China noted a rise in prices by 28%, Indonesia - by 47.7%. However, among the CIS countries, significant growth was observed only in Belarus - by 15%.

According to the website, in Uzbekistan, gasoline in dollar terms rose by 1.3% in January-June, and by 0.3% in Russia. Prices in Azerbaijan have not changed, while in Kazakhstan they fell by 0.7%.

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