13:41 / 13.08.2022

Musayev explains why prices in some public medical institutions are more expensive than in a private clinic

During the “Government hour” held in the Legislative Chamber, deputies discussed the issue of reforming the health sector, rational use of funds, measures to establish medical centers in remote areas, and provide them with personnel.

Photo: Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis

As reported on the parliamentary website, Minister of Health Behzod Musayev answered the questions of deputies regarding this issue.

According to Jakhongir Abdurasulov, a deputy of the Legislative Chamber, the prices of medical services provided by state medical organizations are approved by the Anti-Monopoly Committee, the Ministries of Finance and Health.

“Let’s look at the numbers. For example, the price of some services provided by the Children’s National Medical Center (bed, laboratory tests, ultrasound and other analyzes) is twice as expensive as the prices of private clinics. Although free services are provided to patients who come from districts with a referral (warrant), these services are covered by the state budget. Is there a basis for calculating these prices? Who controls prices?” he asked.

Health Minister Behzod Musayev said that experience is being gained in the reimbursement system through the insurance system. In this regard, the state insurance fund has a management board consisting of a number of ministries and agencies.

“When we met a month ago, we agreed to optimize some expenses. I would like to add to the examples you mentioned.

For example, in the urology center, according to the treatment protocol, the duration of inpatient treatment is defined as 12 days. Nowadays, according to the world practice, urology is operated with the help of new medical technologies, and there is no need for more than three days of treatment.

I would like to say one thing that today the Children’s National Medical Center operates 50% from the state budget and 50% from the “Khozraschyot” account,” he said.

According to him, the cost of treatment varies in each clinic based on its profile, the patient’s condition, the number of procedures performed and the need for surgical intervention.

It is noted that the established definitions will be optimized, simplified, and cost reduction measures will be taken not only in this center, but also in other medical institutions.

“As a result, we will have the opportunity to treat more patients belonging to the privileged group from the budget of 556 billion soums allocated to the state insurance fund,” Behzod Musayev said.